SaintView PACS System


The Saintview PACS is configured to record and archive vast images and to enable users to quickly and easily acquire and manage DICOM medical image images.

User Friendly PACS System
  • We provide efficient and economical license management methods by providing licenses by user or system.
  • The separation of admin mode and user mode can make the management and storage of medical images more powerful.
  • Our service is a 24H remote waiting and management and Chat function that can always be managed in close contact with customers without calling.
Quick Viewing & Big DB Volume
  • It has fast image processing power, enabling fast viewing of video files as well as large amounts of CT (MDCT) & MRI images.
  • Not only do you remember the user login feature, but also provide each user with a special key setting.
  • With fast loading, User can read and view images in the Preview state.
AI Communication System
  • It has completed a communication test with Lunit, South Korea's largest AI solution company.
    AI readings and general images of Chest and Mammo cancer be viewed on one screen.
  • As the AI Reading Solution increases, DICOM Description or Tag, etc. can be used to spreed in more ways
  • We are preparing to improve the system so that we can communicate with other companies in the future.